5 Growth-hacking Techniques You Can Apply Straight Away

Growth-hacking is the idea that an entrepreneur can increase the adoption of his or her product by employing clever methods like these:

  1. Create user personas, segment them correctly, and talk to them differently. A very good website for defining personas is MakeMyPersona
  2. Send paid traffic to a landing page instead of the homepage. Match or address the copy of your ad to keep the funnel consistent
  3. Use double-sided referrals. Example: whenever a friend uses your $25 coupon, you’ll get $25 off when you buy as well. Airbnb does that successfully
  4. Hack the supply side until you hit mass adoption. In the beginning, Lyft used to pay drivers an hourly rate to just sit in their cars and wait for passengers
  5. Send abandoned cart emails for e-commerce as a sales recovery technique. Half of these automated emails are opened, one third lead back to a purchase

Follow these steps an earn the rewards! Part two of this mini series


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