More Growth-hacking Methods You Can Apply Right Now

In the first part of this mini series we showed you five non-standard methods to increase the adoption of your product. Here are five more:

  1. Post on Product Hunt. This site surfaces new, interesting products every day. Enjoy thousands of visitors and many shares for your site
  2. Discover your core product value and build it into your onboarding process. Help new users to experience the core product value by all means
  3. Encourage your users to share their achievements with your product on social media. Let them post to Facebook / Twitter with a single click
  4. Use minimal landing pages. They are great for single-action events, like capturing email addresses. They are easily built and split-tested
  5. Integrate your app with other services. Leverage on someone else’s established user base, for example, Facebook, but don’t put all eggs in one basket

You can copy these growth hacking tactics exactly, or you can use them as inspiration to come up with your own, unique hacks.


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