3 Trends That Will Shape the Future of Digital Marketing

About 72 percent of marketers worldwide believe that the traditional marketing model is no longer adequate considering the abrupt and constant changes in digital marketing. Mobile and video will be at the heart of customer engagement 3–5 years from now. Source: Mondo.

Trends and their possible impact on digital marketing:

  1. Internet of things (IoT). A network of physical objects (things) can be used in collecting and exchanging data without human-to-human and human-to-computer interaction

    Impact: Marketers may want to collect data from these devices. Consumers may want something (incentive) in exchange.

  2. Augmented reality. A real-time view with augmented elements made possible by computer-generated sensory inputs, for example, audio or graphics

    Impact: It can improve how marketers interact with their target audience. The keyword here is interact, not push branding messages.

  3. Wearables. These technologies may become critical elements of IoT and augmented reality for personal, commercial, and industrial use

    Impact: These technologies are interwoven in the daily lives of all of us, hence tracking will be much easier. New privacy questions will arise.



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