6 Criteria for 10x Content

What are criteria for content that is 10 times better than what anyone else is doing in a niche?

  1. It has to have great UI and UX on any device
  2. It’s a combination of high quality, trustworthiness, it’s useful, interesting, and remarkable [1]
  3. It’s considerably different in scope and in detail from other works that are serving the same visitor or user intent
  4. It creates an emotional response [2]
  5. It solves an issue or answers a question by providing a comprehensive, accurate, exceptional information and resources
  6. It delivers content in a unique, remarkable, typically unexpectedly pleasurable style

If you hit all of these things, you probably have yourself a piece of 10x content. It’s just very hard to do. Maybe try these 3 untapped content marketing ideas

[1] It doesn’t have to be all of those but some combination of them.

[2] I want to feel awe, surprise, joy, anticipation, or admiration for a piece of content before I consider it 10x.



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