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An ICO Marketing Ride Can Get Slippery Sometimes – Let Us Clear the Obstacles for You

Get your ICO competition report now!

In a 100% free consulting session we are going to name and evaluate your ICO contenders and give you priceless information:

• About their media strategy
• About all their advertising
• About their specific audience

Where, what, when, how – no questions go unanswered!

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We’ll get things going on the phone in order to understand:

• Your currrent challenges and obstacles
• What you’ve experimented with so far

We also want to check whether we are the most effective digital marketing organization for your needs. We promise not to attempt to sell anything to you. Guaranteed.

Advertising and Marketing Potential Review

We are going to present advertising and marketing information. Ideas that are exclusively tailored for your institution. We will conduct our famous ICO marketing analysis for your business and write an execution plan – the how-to for your venture. This will maximize the full potential for your ICO growth.

Methodology Discussion

We’ll ensure that you get the greatest number of quick and early gains possible. At the same time we’ll put up in-depth, long-lasting, scalable digital marketing targets.

Complete Fulfillment and Satisfaction

We’ll roll out our top-notch execution plan, focussed on well-timed proper actions and scalable growth options. This lets you work uninterrupted on various other highly important aspects of your business.

Gain Knowledge of Your Market and Adapt

Our best online marketing crew will consistently monitor the outcome at every single stage of the journey, then scale to provide you with even more profits.

An outstanding whitepaper builds the groundwork for your initial coin or token offering. Doing the job with skilled professionals will save yourself precious time and prevent you from frustration along the way.

We’ll show you a self-financing procedure for your venture inside the crypto economy, giving you the advisory of:

• Building your token role
• How to distribute your token
• Overseeing the monetary policy

Safety measures and accuracy are the main support beams of a smart contract, taking out the human factor and minimizing the likeliness of manipulation and scams – and in so doing generating end-to-end trust and making an investment the soundest action to take.

Utilize the power of the first impression that is is indispensable for generating customer trust. Even the most intriguing idea associated with the venture will lose its appeal if it sounds cheap. This is exactly why we follow the general rule: A simple navigation on a single memorable page means more conversions.

Animated explainer videos are extremely prominent in ICO marketing promotions – mostly because they are very successful in describing a new ICO to unknowing visitors. Safeguard the success of your ICO and get a well crafted animated explainer video!

And also get your bounty program registered at more than 50 distinct channels. This will ensure the highest possible exposure of your ICO marketing camp


Before Starting with Search Engine Optimization

Before starting with SEO, you need to know where your journey is heading to. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Are you in the right niche?
  2. Are people searching for your product?
  3. Who are your competitors, and how easy can you beat them?

Once you know whether there is a market and how strong (or weak) your competition is, apply the Internet Marketing 1-2 Punch

17 Ways to Boost Your E-Commerce Conversion Rates

To help you improve your e-commerce conversions, check out the following tips:

  1. Use high-quality images. Place them in the content and the final checkout page. Very good: Action shots, different angles, photos with zoom option
  2. Use product videos. Videos uplift conversion by 80 %. 64–85 % of users are more likely to buy after watching a product video. Show how the product is used
  3. Use engaging colors. They affect 85 % of shoppers. Black, blue, orange attract impulse shoppers. Both women and men favor green and blue. Colors that increase sales
  4. Imply a sense of urgency. Use limited-time offers, special discount hours and free shipping, a stock meter. Limited supply equals more valuable
  5. Publish product reviews. They uplift conversion by 10 %, 60 % of buyers consult reviews befor buying. The correlation good / bad reviews should be 9 to 1
  6. Display trust seals. 48 % of visitors rely on them. They uplift conversion by 40 %. The most powerful: BBB Accredited Business, PayPal Verified
  7. Have a clear contact info. Display a visible phone number, a physical address, an email address on your website.  They boost the site’s credibility
  8. Use a clear checkout. One clutter-free page. Consider a progress bar, an order summary, save-for-later functionality. Don’t force people to register
  9. Employ short forms. Save users from the hassle of filling in forms. Where possible, pre-fill forms. Users are ready to pay more to save time!
  10. Offer multiple payment options. Tip: Show the currency according to the visitor’s origin. (This gives a more personalized user experience.)
  11. Improve the search experience. 50 % of people use search to navigate sites. Tip: Use an auto-suggest search and an automated drop-down list of textual results
  12. Offer better filters. Because the wider the choice, the harder it is to choose. The more offers you have, the more important filter options become
  13. Improve the speed of your site. 51 % of U.S. buyers leave a slow site. 47 % of users expect a site to load in 2 seconds. 1 second delay equals –7 % sales
  14. Offer live chat. 63 % of clients return to a site with live chat support. 38 % of customers buy with a chat support. 90 % of customers find it helpful
  15. Offer free shipping. It’s the number 1 criteria for making a purchase. It encourages 93 % of customers to buy. In 2014, 63 % of Amazon customers have joined it because of free shipping
  16. Provide a section for sales and specials. Because users show a discount-seeking behaviour. 47 % of buyers choose only discounted products. 62 % are looking for it
  17. Employ upselling and cross-selling. These tactics boost the average order size. The ideal offer should be 60 % cheaper than the originally offered product

How Much Should Your Firm Spend on Marketing?

The CMO Survey offers some answers. They asked what percentage of revenue is devoted to marketing budgets:

  • Selling products to other businesses: 7.4 % of revenue
  • Selling services to other businesses: 8.6 % of revenue
  • Selling products direct to consumers: 9.1 % of revenue
  • Selling services direct to consumers: 9.3 % of revenue

These percentages represent total marketing investments. They also include expenses for marketing staffs, fees to external agencies and suppliers, and advertising costs.

Why I Stopped Selling SEO Services, and You Should Too

I’m tired of explaining to people SEO doesn’t work the way it used to anymore. And I need the rest of you to get on board with me because we’re driving ourselves out of business.

I mean, come on people, look around. We need to stop trying to jam websites where they don’t belong. The SERPs have changed.

Google now shows search results based on what’s best for the user. We can’t just rank for whatever keywords we want.

Let’s take a look at a few examples:

3 Trends That Will Shape the Future of Digital Marketing

About 72 percent of marketers worldwide believe that the traditional marketing model is no longer adequate considering the abrupt and constant changes in digital marketing. Mobile and video will be at the heart of customer engagement 3–5 years from now. Source: Mondo.

Trends and their possible impact on digital marketing:

  1. Internet of things (IoT). A network of physical objects (things) can be used in collecting and exchanging data without human-to-human and human-to-computer interaction

    Impact: Marketers may want to collect data from these devices. Consumers may want something (incentive) in exchange.

  2. Augmented reality. A real-time view with augmented elements made possible by computer-generated sensory inputs, for example, audio or graphics

    Impact: It can improve how marketers interact with their target audience. The keyword here is interact, not push branding messages.

  3. Wearables. These technologies may become critical elements of IoT and augmented reality for personal, commercial, and industrial use

    Impact: These technologies are interwoven in the daily lives of all of us, hence tracking will be much easier. New privacy questions will arise.